Our core value is to provide customers with affordable environmentally friendly winter jackets.

“Cyanos Jay” is a registered Canadian trade mark of Kangkang Internationl Ltd. based in PEI, Canada, which is an overseas company of Highland Trading Co., Ltd. Highland is a comprehensive company specializing in imported and exported articles, garments, textiles, fabrics, accessories, etc. By expanding business to Canada, the company created a new brand, “Cyanos Jay”, for the North American market that will feature winter clothes, primarily jackets for both men and women.

The core idea and mission of the new brand, Cyanos Jay, is to create high-quality and affordable winter jackets for a wide audience without using natural fur in the production and focusing on active implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies. Cyanos Jay strives to give the consumer a new modern look with maximum comfort and protection in the harsh Canadian winters. “Providing value for less” is the key message and the business strategy Cyanos Jay brings to the North American market.

Highland Trading Co., Ltd. possesses a professional team with over 20 years of successful experience in international garment trading and fashion clothes production in China. The business is actively expanding in North America with the objective of providing high-quality winter jackets using the most innovative world-wide garment production technologies. The company offers relatively low prices to make them affordable for those who are unable or unwilling to pay upwards of $1000 for a high-quality winter jacket. Protecting animals and the environment are key principles the company stands for and are reflected in and will be communicated by the Cyanos Jay brand. Protecting the environment by using recycling materials and artificial fur for the garments is the top priority in the company’s winter jackets production. The short-term brand strategy of Cyanos Jay is to create trust and a strong emotional connection with the consumer in order to develop loyalty. In the long run, Cyanos Jay’s objective is to reach a strong position in the North American market among the well-established brands of the winter jackets niche for men and women and become a strong national brand that is well known globally by delivering the best value with affordable prices.

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