Our core value is to provide customers with affordable environmentally friendly winter jackets.

About Cyanos Jay

The core idea and mission of Cyanos Jay, is to create high-quality and affordable cruelty-free winter
for a wide audience without using natural fur in the production and focusing on active
implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies. Cyanos Jay strives to give the consumer a
new modern look with maximum comfort and protection in the harsh Canadian winters.

After noticing a lack of vegan and cruelty-free winter jackets on the market at a realistic price we put
together a team with over 20 years of successful experience in the clothing and fashion industry. The
goal from the start was to create a jacket that less that half the price of the competitions jackets without
compromising style and function. Being a PEI based brand we know how cold it can get, that is why our
team have built these jackets to withstand the harsh East coast winters. Keeping you dry and warm all
winter long.

Behind every Cyanos Jay jacket is a true and tested vegan jacket made for the harshest Canadian winters
with no compromise. Using faux fur also known as vegan fur for all our fur hoods you do not lose out on
warmth even on the coldest winter days. The combination of our synthetic insulation and double
thickened waterproof and windproof shell, you can stay comfortable in weather down to –30º. Using
Omni-Heat Technology on the inside of the jackets your warmth is reflected back at you keeping you
warmer outside for longer.

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