Winter is here! There is nothing like getting out and enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer this time of year. From skiing down powdery white mountains to hiking through snow-covered forests, as Canadians, we don’t run from the cold weather, we embrace it.

As temperatures begin to plummet, people are rummaging through their closets to dig out their winter gear. For many of us, it also means shopping for a new jacket to keep toasty this chilly season. So why not treat yourself to a coat that will warm not only your body, but also your heart by helping to protect animals?

If you are thinking about buying a cruelty-free jacket, here are some tips to help you with your search.

Read the labels. Most vegan and cruelty-free garment manufacturers take great pride in their ethical stance on protecting animals—and they want you to know it. Check the label to ensure the garment is made of 100% synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, or acrylic. If the jacket has a fur hood, make sure it is made using faux fur. Also, look for Omni-Heat technology or other synthetic insulations.

Do an online search. Found a great winter jacket but not completely sure it is a vegan garment? The internet can help point you in the right direction. While out shopping, a quick online search on your smart device will help give you information about the various vegan-friendly brands.

Avoid wool and down. The clothing industry often treats birds and sheep cruelly for their wool and down. If you are looking for a humane substitute, choosing an animal-friendly brand is a step in the right direction. Winter outerwear is made from synthetics that provide superior warmth, insulation, and water resistance, offering a great vegan alternative to down and wool.

Choose from a wide selection of stunning options. Are you in the market for a jaw-dropping winter jacket this year? By now, you know buying vegan is the ethical and sensible choice. But if you think cruelty-free means fashion-free, think again. There are a plethora of stunning, eye-catching coats and jackets for men and women that will keep you warm and cozy, all without forcing you to skimp on style and function.

Cruelty-Free Winter Jacket

More and more people are concerned about how their clothing is made. If you are all about ethical and compassionate apparel, buying a cruelty-free winter jacket is the best gift you can give yourself—and our furry and feathery friends.

It’s cold outside, so stay warm and shop caringly with an ethically made, cruelty-free winter jacket this season.

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