Our Story

Cyanos Jay creates winter jackets that are high-quality, ethically sourced, AND affordable. Our cruelty-free, vegan winter coats use faux fur and have the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

We provide you with a stylish, modern look with maximum comfort and protection for harsh Canadian winters.

Why "Cyanos Jay?"

Our company name originates from the scientific name of Blue Jay: “Cyanocitta cristata.” The blue jay is the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island, which is where our brand was founded!

Our Mission

After noticing a lack of ethically sourced and vegan winter coats in the Canadian market, we put together a team with over 20 years of successful experience in the clothing and fashion industry.

When wearing our winter coats, you can be sure to keep warm throughout those freezing temperatures. Our long winter jackets will keep you warm without sacrificing style or confidence.

Our Vegan Technology

Every Cyanos Jay winter jacket is made for and tested in the coldest Canadian winters. Using faux fur for all our fur hoods, you stay warm and happy, knowing no animals were affected in the manufacturing process.

With the combination of our synthetic insulation and double thickened water-resistant AND wind-resistant shell, you can stay snug in weather as low as –30°. Our Omni-Heat Technology on the inside of the jackets gives you warmth and elegance all in one.