Your old trusty winter jacket is still kickin’, but maybe it’s time for something fresh and fashionable to keep you warm through those harsh Canadian winters.

Cyanos Jay creates faux fur jackets that are high-quality, ethically sourced, AND affordable (What’s better than that?). Our winter coats have modern, environmentally friendly technology that you can actually trust to protect you this winter.

And what’s more? We’re going to help you decide on a winter parka that matches your lifestyle! Just keep reading to see which you relate to most…


Are you hitting the slopes this winter?

If you live an active winter lifestyle, you might want a jacket that will allow for both swift movement AND exceptional warmth so that you can shred your competitors down the ski hill. Introducing the Women’s Halifax ECO or Men’s Saint Lewis ECO jacket… These options are shorter styles that combat the cold weather with omni-heat technology.


Is a cozy, indoor winter more your vibe?

If you’re a homebody and prefer to spend the winter inside by the fire with a cup of tea, the Summerside ECO women’s long puffer jacket is PERFECT for you. This is a longer winter parka style that encompasses all the pristine features of our current jackets. So, while being covered from head to toe (or knee), you stay cozy warm while running around town.


Love shopping from sustainable, eco- and pet-friendly businesses?

Of all ethical brands, Cyanos Jay is your first and last stop! Being a 100% cruelty-free, vegan winter jacket company, we use the best sustainable practices every day. ALL of our jackets are made to perfection, providing you with a stylish, modern look with maximum comfort and protection. 

Whether you’re an avid winter athlete, holiday movie watcher, or you prefer cruelty-free products, we have the jacket to fit your lifestyle.


Need something to keep you warm on the commute to school or work?

Say no more! If commuting to work or school is the extent of your winter activities (and we don’t blame you), the Women’s Halifax jacket or the Men’s Moncton jacket will be just right for you. These styles have advanced omni-heat technology and an extra-thick shell that resists water and wind!

Looking for a longer option? Check the Women’s Summerside ECO from our newest collection, which has a slim fit and faux fur that allows you to be tucked in AND fashionable.


Will you be enjoying long walks or hikes on local trails this winter?

It is undeniably beautiful out there, but not so warm in the winter! That’s why Cyanos Jay coats have you covered! If you’re a devoted winter hiker, you’ll want to check out our Men’s Sydney Jacket or our Women’s Charlottetown Jacket. With the fitted, double-layer styles of these options, you’ll be kept cozy when out and about in -15 to -25-degree weather.


Check out our latest collection of eco-friendly, vegan winter coats here!