Saint Lewis Red ECO

Materials & Features

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

One of the main reasons we choose to create cruelty-free winter jackets was to protect animals. We believe in creating a more caring world that can help put an end to animal harm.

Made to keep you warm

Our jackets use an extra-thick shell that resists both water and wind. Omni-Heat Technology on the inside of the jackets preserves your own warmth, shielding you from temperatures down to –25º.

Atlantic Proud

Being a Canadian brand, we know how cold it can get. Behind every Cyanos Jay jacket is a true and tested vegan jacket made for the harshest Canadian winters with no compromise.

For the Love of Animals

We strongly believe that a cruelty-free winter jacket is the smart, responsible, and compassionate choice.

By going cruelty free, you can feel better knowing our furry friends are safe and sound, free to flourish in their natural habitat. It is your way to promote safer, eco-friendly, and animal-friendly products.

By spreading awareness, you will help change buying habits that will go a long way to creating a more sustainable world.

The benefits of buying a cruelty-free winter jacket are almost as endless as the hours you will spend enjoying your warm, stylish, and comfy coat.